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Content is what drives visitors to your website. Interesting content will keep people coming back. I see no problem with joining an online debate and starting a similar thread. But for god sake please be original.

I just got a comment by the guy/gal that runs Decent enough little comment. Unfortunately for them I’m a bit of a comment checker. All links are treated as spam until I’ve checked out where they point – I dont want to link to porn or Rx by mistake and devalue any post I make – simple as.

So I read the comment and visit the site and there is my content – I mean verbatim! I’m now getting a bit pissy. So I start looking to see if its got a citation at the bottom of it. If you wanna use my stuff and cite that its mine I don’t mind. But nothing, not even a god forsaken trackback is there.

So comment goes bye bye. At present Google only has the content as being mine in the SERPS (Google search) . But I’m still niggled. Now all I need is a way for people to be able to report content theft to search engines.

So My Rule 2 of Blogging is write your own content and if you do want to join a conversation or use someone elses content at least cite it with a link.


Ebay has started being spammed with Madeleine Mccann stuff. For some reason everywhere has started to say that all money raised will go to the Madeleine McCann fund. Maybe I’ve just been working online too long but it seems reminiscent of the email spam that I always get about these sort of issues.

An exmaple can be found at:

These could all be truthful attempts to raise money but I find the whole idea of promoting any product under this banner hard to stomach. Inherently I find it hard to trust people who use this as a way to sell something even if the proceeds do go to a fund.

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