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Content is what drives visitors to your website. Interesting content will keep people coming back. I see no problem with joining an online debate and starting a similar thread. But for god sake please be original.

I just got a comment by the guy/gal that runs Decent enough little comment. Unfortunately for them I’m a bit of a comment checker. All links are treated as spam until I’ve checked out where they point – I dont want to link to porn or Rx by mistake and devalue any post I make – simple as.

So I read the comment and visit the site and there is my content – I mean verbatim! I’m now getting a bit pissy. So I start looking to see if its got a citation at the bottom of it. If you wanna use my stuff and cite that its mine I don’t mind. But nothing, not even a god forsaken trackback is there.

So comment goes bye bye. At present Google only has the content as being mine in the SERPS (Google search) . But I’m still niggled. Now all I need is a way for people to be able to report content theft to search engines.

So My Rule 2 of Blogging is write your own content and if you do want to join a conversation or use someone elses content at least cite it with a link.


One thing I love about blogs is there conversational nature. I find it great that people can share their opinions and thoughts on your blog and you can share on their blog. This creates a sense of community – as at the end of the day is what we are building. You want to build a community, this will form the core of your readership. Read the rest of this entry »

Brain is kinda dead and the body is not willing but we’ve driven through to provide a list of the five things we’ve found in our RSS inboxes this morning that have interested us.

  1. Yahoo must get its social media shit together – I dont know about you but this kind of headline in an RSS subscription is pricesles. I dont even care what the content is when I get it I just know that I have to read it. Contains nice little description on Why Yahoo! should be getting into bed with, or buying, FaceBook as part of its Social Media Strategy.
  2. Spice up your blog posts – Nice little piece from copyblogger on how to make your posts/SEO copy more interesting and usefule. OK its a bit Yankified but some nice little bits and pieces. Most certainly from the Veloso school of thought on writing copy
  3. Axis of Evil Toys – Gotta get myself one of these axis of evil toy sets. 5 toys : George W Bush, Tony Blair, Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. AS Saddam is deadhe’s a special glow in the dark version to represent his ghost.
  4. I Phone  Trouble Shooting Tool – the best piece of viral link bait I’ve seen in ages. If only I could import this into the UK could make a killing
  5. Falkirk Sit top of SPL – After horsing the Greatneans on Saturday (4-0) Falkirk sit in their correct placing in the SPL – at the top. All we have to do is play Rangers and Celtic in the next fortnight and win both games and we’ll remain there…

Thats all for now. If I find anything else will let you know.

Just spent far too long running about on Stumble Upon. Completely wasted my time. But this waste of time has been a great waste of time.  Below are the couple of hits upon which I wasted the most time.

I would heartily reccomend to everyone to get the stumble upon toolbar installed and get surfing. You never know you may find something that distracts you so much from work you rediscover the reason why working on the web is a fanatstic waste of time. 🙂

In the quest to locate new blogging platforms today I came across a new one located at I don’t read the telegraph I was just meandering about the supermarket looking for a paper and saw this bit at the top of the paper and thought I should try it.

Review of

I was greeted with a simple enough account creation process it asked for my name, email twice and password twice and asked me to upload an image to go with my account. So far so good until I found that I could only upload a jpg or jpeg file as the avatar for the account – which was a bit of a pain. Allowing gif and png formats would have been better but not a huge gripe.

Writing the post was simple – write a headline and write the post. Here I was a bit less happy, to make it useable by all you cant edit code. The system does not put in an H1 tag and you cant structure it effectively with headings – you can insert lists I suppose but is a little weak but is really simple to use. So I tried to add some links by way of seeing how the interface works for this and I couldn’t submit the links easily – the window corrupts in firefox. So after working out that the submit button was the tiny line to the bottom right of the window it became workable, had to be pixel perfect with the clicks but I’ve seen worse.

You then submit the post and you are asked to tag the posts. Simple to use drop down – not long enough and lacking in options for anyone who really wants good categorization but is useful enough for normal posts. The you can add your own tags – enter them into a text line input and separate these with commas which is usable enough.

Click on the publish button and your live.

You can’t add a blog roll, outputted code is weak – Good or Bad platform

For me its a weak platform for the new blogger who is looking to dive in for the first time. Its simple to sign up and is simple to create a basic post – embedding links in firefox is a bit of a nightmare but you cant have it all. The outputted text is not coded with search engines in mind – hx tags are used for formatting so the ranking possibilities are reduced. But all in all of you want a simple to use, effective blog, and use Internet Explorer have a go.

For me its not flexible enough and doesn’t allow me the control I want. Let me know your thoughts through the comments and I’ll re-blog about it.

The BBC has announced a tie in with YouTube today.
This will mean that the video syndication site, owned by Google, will launch three branded BBC channels.

  • The Entertainment channels will feature services such as
    • Clips of shows
    • YoutTube specific promotional videos
    • Video Diaries

    Second Entertainment Channel will include:

    • limited advertising
    • clips from programs broadcasted globally suh as Top Gear
  • The Third channel will syndicate BBC news content
    • 30 clips a day will be posted
    • Users outside the UK will be subject to advertising
    • Comments will be accepted
    • User ratings and reccomendations to be introduced

In the digital age it is likely that this will be the first of many new hook ups between traditional content publishers and those in the digital age or it could simply be that the free bandwidth offered by a team up with YouTube was a cost effective option above placing all this content onto the BBC website.

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