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Through my RSS readings this morings I came across a number of places talking about the “Google Boogie” – yep I’s never heard of it before either. From what I’ve read it came from Oyster Web and was then blogged at Spiderwriting (Bill get your permalinks fixed).

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Content is what drives visitors to your website. Interesting content will keep people coming back. I see no problem with joining an online debate and starting a similar thread. But for god sake please be original.

I just got a comment by the guy/gal that runs Decent enough little comment. Unfortunately for them I’m a bit of a comment checker. All links are treated as spam until I’ve checked out where they point – I dont want to link to porn or Rx by mistake and devalue any post I make – simple as.

So I read the comment and visit the site and there is my content – I mean verbatim! I’m now getting a bit pissy. So I start looking to see if its got a citation at the bottom of it. If you wanna use my stuff and cite that its mine I don’t mind. But nothing, not even a god forsaken trackback is there.

So comment goes bye bye. At present Google only has the content as being mine in the SERPS (Google search) . But I’m still niggled. Now all I need is a way for people to be able to report content theft to search engines.

So My Rule 2 of Blogging is write your own content and if you do want to join a conversation or use someone elses content at least cite it with a link.

Ok. Was running a quick backlink check on some clients and a legacy client who I used to work for is in there. And there links jumped – nigh on doubled so I get a wee twinkle in my eye and start trying to work out why.

Lo and behold their new SEO company, the one cheaper than I was, have started to spam inbound links from Text Link Ads to the site – call it a guess as sone idiots call the div id where the ads appear as being “TLA”.

Every ad uses the same UL Li system with exactly the same inline formatting on every link.

My first impulse is to go to Google and do a spam report. Second impulse is if this gets tracked back and we lose other work from this client. The SEO company they now use are a big SEO company and I am of the opinion that they are at fault rather than the client for these things.

I think I’m going to build a wee spider that hacks sites to search for Text Link Ads code and where it finds it automatedly reports the links to Google. Does anyone think that Google will pay any attention to a mass of report. Unfortunately my base instinct is that they wont really care all that much unfortunately. Oh well will see how we get on

Have just been hacking away at back link stuff in Google for the basis of monthly reports and I keep getting multiple result sets for each back link query! AAARRRRGGGHHHH

Below I’ve posted a list of Data Centres that I use for checking across the web. I got his list from another website a while back and I can’t remember where. If you know tell me so I can reference it effectively 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Hmm. Ok so I’ve just been checking backlinks for sites, as the Google index has just updated them, and at the same time my RSS reader sends me a message from spiderwritingseo. And hereBill starts to discuss Supplemental results – and what Google is going to be doing with them.

At various times we’ve had Matt Cutts suggesting that we’re all too hung up on supplementals and even that Google might remove the supplemental indicator from the site: command results


So Guess whats happened – yep Bill the harbringer of doom and advocate of burning everyone who created IE at the stake was right. I’ve just done site: commands on fourteen sites and no Supplementals are showing! God whatever next – showing indeterminate numbers of backlinks with the link: command, making an related page search related:, or even better getting everyone to believe everyword that Matt Cutts say (OK so they managed all these things already).

So now guys you have no idea if a page is in the supplemental index any more. Next thing you know Google analytics will break for a couple of days and then we’re all kinda stuffed (bugger that happened too). Damn that Google and their inability to help us make sites better for the right reasons. Am sure it’ll all be sorted soon but knowing the ratio between supplemental pages to non-supplemental pages was a great insight into the strength of a website.

Supplemental results are dead – long live SEO Post Update:

Just got the following update from Bill via Yahoo! Instant Messenger:
Bloody idiots!

Way to go Bill!

Ok  Google Back Links are one of the most inexact forms of monitoring your IBL (Independent Back Links). But they have updated today. So get down to Google and start hammering in your link: commands like no ones business.

If you want to get something better have a look at signing up for Google Webmaster tools and you can see the entire backlink set that Google is considering for your website within your control panel. Its good at showing you which links point to which pages and from where.

There is alos a control panel to see which pages are generating errors within your website qwhich can be a really useful feature aswell.

Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! is often overlooked as a search engine to target in the UK (for very good reason). It drives little traffic when compared to Google is the core reason. However if you stop thinking of Yahoo! as a search engine and think of it more as a portal you can find that there are great information sources within its huge website.

One thing I’ve found it good for is buzz. You may have seen the posts on John Smeaton Traffic that I’ve made

  1. John Smeaton and Viral Marketing Post
  2. John SmeatonPost

These are really about surfing the wave of hot topics as a way to drive traffic to the site.

One great way of getting onto Buzz is through Yahoo! Buzz

Every day this free little blog gives me insight into hot topics and related searches. OK so knowing that people are searching often for a pop stars boyfriend may not be of use today. However for my clients in the Sports industry its a great way to get new traffic to a site. I’ve found terms and insights into user behaviour to discover new terms I didnt even think of. Generally by the time the traffic from the hot topic has deserted the search engines your keyword tool will be late in reporting it.

So get ready to surf the wave of hot topics as they happen all with a little side project from Yahoo!

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