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Right here I am going to Last FM to get my fix of music for the day – fancied listening to the darling buds if the truth be told, and I find a big bloody banner for “Mozilla Firefox the Ebay Edition”.

Christ its like the nineties here we’re all soon gonna be able to get ‘limited edition browsers’ rather than limited edition of 500 pink and green vinyl singles by Sonic Youth we’ll get limited edition 250 IE7 in blue for linux (code being tied to the machines). Or Limited Edition Ipods designed by Japanese Managa Artists that are hand painted. Or the greatest pod casts of Matt Cutts only on K-Tel – this item is not available in the shops.

Rant over


Ebay has started being spammed with Madeleine Mccann stuff. For some reason everywhere has started to say that all money raised will go to the Madeleine McCann fund. Maybe I’ve just been working online too long but it seems reminiscent of the email spam that I always get about these sort of issues.

An exmaple can be found at:

These could all be truthful attempts to raise money but I find the whole idea of promoting any product under this banner hard to stomach. Inherently I find it hard to trust people who use this as a way to sell something even if the proceeds do go to a fund.

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