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just to let everyone know I’ve moved this blog to a new location – it can be found at the mercurythread blog (where I’ve been posting most of my thoughts in recent times. Duly this blog will no longer be updated.

Look forward to hearing from those who read this blog in the next wee while.


Content is what drives visitors to your website. Interesting content will keep people coming back. I see no problem with joining an online debate and starting a similar thread. But for god sake please be original.

I just got a comment by the guy/gal that runs Decent enough little comment. Unfortunately for them I’m a bit of a comment checker. All links are treated as spam until I’ve checked out where they point – I dont want to link to porn or Rx by mistake and devalue any post I make – simple as.

So I read the comment and visit the site and there is my content – I mean verbatim! I’m now getting a bit pissy. So I start looking to see if its got a citation at the bottom of it. If you wanna use my stuff and cite that its mine I don’t mind. But nothing, not even a god forsaken trackback is there.

So comment goes bye bye. At present Google only has the content as being mine in the SERPS (Google search) . But I’m still niggled. Now all I need is a way for people to be able to report content theft to search engines.

So My Rule 2 of Blogging is write your own content and if you do want to join a conversation or use someone elses content at least cite it with a link.

One thing I love about blogs is there conversational nature. I find it great that people can share their opinions and thoughts on your blog and you can share on their blog. This creates a sense of community – as at the end of the day is what we are building. You want to build a community, this will form the core of your readership. Read the rest of this entry »

Brain is kinda dead and the body is not willing but we’ve driven through to provide a list of the five things we’ve found in our RSS inboxes this morning that have interested us.

  1. Yahoo must get its social media shit together – I dont know about you but this kind of headline in an RSS subscription is pricesles. I dont even care what the content is when I get it I just know that I have to read it. Contains nice little description on Why Yahoo! should be getting into bed with, or buying, FaceBook as part of its Social Media Strategy.
  2. Spice up your blog posts – Nice little piece from copyblogger on how to make your posts/SEO copy more interesting and usefule. OK its a bit Yankified but some nice little bits and pieces. Most certainly from the Veloso school of thought on writing copy
  3. Axis of Evil Toys – Gotta get myself one of these axis of evil toy sets. 5 toys : George W Bush, Tony Blair, Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. AS Saddam is deadhe’s a special glow in the dark version to represent his ghost.
  4. I Phone  Trouble Shooting Tool – the best piece of viral link bait I’ve seen in ages. If only I could import this into the UK could make a killing
  5. Falkirk Sit top of SPL – After horsing the Greatneans on Saturday (4-0) Falkirk sit in their correct placing in the SPL – at the top. All we have to do is play Rangers and Celtic in the next fortnight and win both games and we’ll remain there…

Thats all for now. If I find anything else will let you know.

After years of looking down my nose at PPC and seeing it as cheap, easy and little more than a bidding war that burns cash faster than the KLF on a beach I’ve came to the conclusion I was right. Maybe not the derision I feel for PPC but certainly the rest.

The change has been using PPC to amke learning about how to improve the effectiveness of other Internet Marketing channels.

Step One – Abuse PPC to Gain Knowledge

Test every keyword you want to optimise for and every page you think it may be appropriate for. Then use this data to measure, test, refine! You’re investing in the future not just in sales. If you find a keyword has great volume but no sales think about why this is. Could well be the page your sending traffic to isnt great – could just be the keyword is useless or you have broad search on for a keyterm like ‘insurance’. Even if you get no conversions you’ve learned something.

Step Two – Reabuse PPC for Conversion Tweaking

So you know where and what to point – so you know where you should be monitoring your SEO campaign. Next get onto conversion and start testing your page layout! Get booking forms, calls to actions, font sizes, web layouts etc all tested and keep results for every test.

Step Three – Get Your SEO Flying

Get your SEO flying. Get your good links, fantastic content and a strong following of incremental visitors and sit back and enjoy the money that you’ve earned by using your PPC budget tactically.

Step Four – Retest, Reabuse and Realign your PPC campaign

Get your PPC budget reinvested in new terms and turn off old campaigns as pages get SEO rankings. Every penny you spend from now on in PPC is only one tactic within your internet marketing arsenal of techniques You are no longer relying on your PPC to drive sales and giving Google, Yahoo and MSN your money.

Get started, get testing, get PPC down to being a tactic and not a strategy and if anyone tells you PPC is an investment remember they could be right – but only where PPC is used as part of a wider strategy and the tactic for your PPC is for you to learn how to make more money. Its your money spend it wisely and make every non-earning penny earn you more in some other way.

Here endeth the Gordon Gecko Post of the month.

Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! is often overlooked as a search engine to target in the UK (for very good reason). It drives little traffic when compared to Google is the core reason. However if you stop thinking of Yahoo! as a search engine and think of it more as a portal you can find that there are great information sources within its huge website.

One thing I’ve found it good for is buzz. You may have seen the posts on John Smeaton Traffic that I’ve made

  1. John Smeaton and Viral Marketing Post
  2. John SmeatonPost

These are really about surfing the wave of hot topics as a way to drive traffic to the site.

One great way of getting onto Buzz is through Yahoo! Buzz

Every day this free little blog gives me insight into hot topics and related searches. OK so knowing that people are searching often for a pop stars boyfriend may not be of use today. However for my clients in the Sports industry its a great way to get new traffic to a site. I’ve found terms and insights into user behaviour to discover new terms I didnt even think of. Generally by the time the traffic from the hot topic has deserted the search engines your keyword tool will be late in reporting it.

So get ready to surf the wave of hot topics as they happen all with a little side project from Yahoo!

As part of our search to find the best use of John Smeaton as a driver of traffic to a website we have found the following details:

One website received almost 200 hits for the search term “John Smeaton Banjoed” – Nice bit of long tailing there.

One website received over 1,500 hits just from one link on – way to go Colin

Cool John Smeaton Websites

More hits and smeatomania to follow

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