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Its been a blast

Posted on: August 19, 2007

As per last post we are now on the move we can be found at

We thought it was about time we got our finger out – this exporting of one version to a new location has not been the simplest of changes – I keep getting FTP upload errors due to the sizes of files – looks like I may talk too much 🙂 As such am going to leave the corpus of work here rather than break something later. Would have preferred to 301 the whole domain over but not gonna be possible.



4 Responses to "Its been a blast"

How are you making out after the move?

Have you been able to reach your goals with the freedom the new blog on yoru own domain provides?

Do you still check in here from time to time, I have heard good SEO things from WordPress?


It’s a mistake many people make using the hosted version no matter if its wordpress or blogger. Unfortunately you found out the hard way. Good luck with the new site.


I like the new site. I’ll be sure to update my bookmark.


I set up my new website just the other day. And because of some of the information that you’ve provided in your article, put together with the marketing secrets I have learned, my website is now generating massive amounts of quality traffic, Just wanted to say thanks!

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