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Last Blog Standing

Posted on: August 17, 2007

As you’ve probably noticed this blog is hosted on and I’ve just completed a difficult decision – to stay here or get my own domain. Truth is that I cant do half the things I want to do with my blog hosted here – no social media, no ability to change files, htaccess and htpassword are out. Further to this I can’t do any of the marketing stuff that I’m looking to do and cant give any of my readers the experience that I feel they deserve so as of early next week this blog will be moving to a new domain 🙂

I’ll post on Sunday just to let every one know where we’ve taken the blog – I’ll be exporting all of our data this weekend – with comments so assuming alls good next week we’ll be off and running.

So apologise to all concerned about the move but I feel that we have to move to grow -oh and my new template is a heck of a lot nicer.

See you with my new face on our new domain, when I work out what its going to be on Monday.


2 Responses to "Last Blog Standing"

Good move 🙂

Good decision! Hosting a WordPress blog on your own server allows you to do any danged thing you want.

And WordPress blogs are great. Very user friendly and you can do all the social bookmarking, advertising and whatever you like.

WP rocks!

Best of luck with your new blog.

–Pat Marcello

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