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Blogging Rule 1 – Blog comments are good

Posted on: August 14, 2007

One thing I love about blogs is there conversational nature. I find it great that people can share their opinions and thoughts on your blog and you can share on their blog. This creates a sense of community – as at the end of the day is what we are building. You want to build a community, this will form the core of your readership.

One of the things with this is the sense that linking out is good. If someone takes the effort to read my blog and then makes informed comments upon it fantastic. It enhances my knowledge. It lets me know where they would like the conversation to go. But too many people try and remove all visibility of links. (I’m probably in a glass house as I’m on a subdomain where links are no followed but no follows still count to your rankings I’m sure you’ll agree). The link is like a thank you.

however I’ve noticed a trend for blogs to go furter than turning all linking off they’re not even having a comments section. Its all look at me look at me and look how good I am and drives some long tail traffic. I think this is rubbish. If someone reads one of my blogs and see’s comments – espescially if they agree with me – I gain relevance in their eyes. Already they’re starting to trust me just a little bit and I’m on the path to converting a visitor into a consumer. Further to this it informs any prospective consumer to the issues related to their interests. I much prefer informed consumers to arrogant, ill informed know it all clients who will never listen to any advice that doesn’t fit in easily with their synaptic pathways.

I can see that blogs without comments give you fresh content – remember that chestnut – and allow you to horde you PageRank and link value. In my opinion I’d rather be a link whore that a link hoarder. If you wont give out a link for a well thought out contribution then so be it. But if you wont even let me comment on your blog then I’m going to stop reading it. I’m not even going to visit anymore. From that point on when you try to join the communities I participate in you shall be persona non grata. Go back to your the blog rock you came from and stop trying to join our communities.

If anyone is interested I’m thinking of outing site who dont even have comments because it annoys me so much. have about half a dozen so far. If anyone knows any stick them below in the comments – I’ll turn their links off so they get no benefit and if they start to antagonise me any more may have to start taking down their brand terms and citing their bad blog ettiquette within the article.

Ooh and if you have trackbacks installed so much the better

Here endeth the rant!


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good… follow bog commenting are beneficial for the site.

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