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5 things for after Bank Holiday Monday

Posted on: August 7, 2007

Brain is kinda dead and the body is not willing but we’ve driven through to provide a list of the five things we’ve found in our RSS inboxes this morning that have interested us.

  1. Yahoo must get its social media shit together – I dont know about you but this kind of headline in an RSS subscription is pricesles. I dont even care what the content is when I get it I just know that I have to read it. Contains nice little description on Why Yahoo! should be getting into bed with, or buying, FaceBook as part of its Social Media Strategy.
  2. Spice up your blog posts – Nice little piece from copyblogger on how to make your posts/SEO copy more interesting and usefule. OK its a bit Yankified but some nice little bits and pieces. Most certainly from the Veloso school of thought on writing copy
  3. Axis of Evil Toys – Gotta get myself one of these axis of evil toy sets. 5 toys : George W Bush, Tony Blair, Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. AS Saddam is deadhe’s a special glow in the dark version to represent his ghost.
  4. I Phone  Trouble Shooting Tool – the best piece of viral link bait I’ve seen in ages. If only I could import this into the UK could make a killing
  5. Falkirk Sit top of SPL – After horsing the Greatneans on Saturday (4-0) Falkirk sit in their correct placing in the SPL – at the top. All we have to do is play Rangers and Celtic in the next fortnight and win both games and we’ll remain there…

Thats all for now. If I find anything else will let you know.


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