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Supplemental results are dead – long live SEO

Posted on: August 1, 2007

Hmm. Ok so I’ve just been checking backlinks for sites, as the Google index has just updated them, and at the same time my RSS reader sends me a message from spiderwritingseo. And hereBill starts to discuss Supplemental results – and what Google is going to be doing with them.

At various times we’ve had Matt Cutts suggesting that we’re all too hung up on supplementals and even that Google might remove the supplemental indicator from the site: command results


So Guess whats happened – yep Bill the harbringer of doom and advocate of burning everyone who created IE at the stake was right. I’ve just done site: commands on fourteen sites and no Supplementals are showing! God whatever next – showing indeterminate numbers of backlinks with the link: command, making an related page search related:, or even better getting everyone to believe everyword that Matt Cutts say (OK so they managed all these things already).

So now guys you have no idea if a page is in the supplemental index any more. Next thing you know Google analytics will break for a couple of days and then we’re all kinda stuffed (bugger that happened too). Damn that Google and their inability to help us make sites better for the right reasons. Am sure it’ll all be sorted soon but knowing the ratio between supplemental pages to non-supplemental pages was a great insight into the strength of a website.

Supplemental results are dead – long live SEO Post Update:

Just got the following update from Bill via Yahoo! Instant Messenger:
Bloody idiots!

Way to go Bill!


6 Responses to "Supplemental results are dead – long live SEO"

Its a little akin to a gamekeeper telling a poacher what time he’ll show up and where.

If I were google I’d obfuscate everything 😀

I like gamekeepers telling me the best time to poach – if only my PPC budget could be used in this way 😉

Yip, seems to be gone, another indicator for SEO gone.

[Harbinger of Doom] Pah, burning at the stake’s too good for them!! [/Harbinger of Doom]

Hmm what effect does the BB code tag [Harbinger of Doom]…[Harbinger of Doom] have upon the value of the contained text in the eyes of google. Is this a new hack to get them to re-implement the supplemental index?


this hack still works for the present

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