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JustMarketing Awards for July

Posted on: July 13, 2007

As is my want I’ve compiled the results for July.

Internet Marketing Chart

Below is the chart with the points for July. 64 points 55 points 51 points 50 points 44 points 40 points 36 points 31 points 27 points 26 points

BreezeMedia have done well as have Hobo-Web and Oyster-Web. So they are now enetered into the draw for our Xmas prize for the year a bottle of 15 year old Eldorado Rum.

Our Favourite Site of the Month

Ok so this site has nothing to do with Scotland but graphically I do think its one of the best websites I’ve ever seen.

The Super Hero theme is great and the flash rather than distract from the site adds to the visit. Keep it up guys.

I know already we’ve not listed a SEO site but this is far more intersting than Google.

Blog of the Month

After much deliveration etc this months blog is eh we had a bit of a fight over this one. Some eedjit said Matt Cutts; that was scorned and rejected for being just too sad, and someone said Axandra (so he’s been sacked for just being stupid) so I’ve plumped for Yep he still makes me smile.

Favourite Post of the Month

This month we’ve gone for Blue Hat SEO. Sometimes these black hat guys publishing ways they think of to get away with spamming does just brighten up my day – here mr.searchengine is what I do so come and workout how to catch me.

Best Spam Attempt

Ok so we tried not to laugh but the guy who sent us 1300 comments for one site all saying the same thing wins just for being brazen. So If you have IP address I think the LolCatz would be saying to you that “I’m in your house spamming your IP”.

So thats is for this month. Hopefully next month we can work out how to get the movers and the shakers in the Scottish Internet Marketing compared from this month. We’ll probably change our ranking strategy to make it more effective so beware the JustMarketing algorithm update.


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