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Yahoo! – Its all the Buzz

Posted on: July 12, 2007

Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! is often overlooked as a search engine to target in the UK (for very good reason). It drives little traffic when compared to Google is the core reason. However if you stop thinking of Yahoo! as a search engine and think of it more as a portal you can find that there are great information sources within its huge website.

One thing I’ve found it good for is buzz. You may have seen the posts on John Smeaton Traffic that I’ve made

  1. John Smeaton and Viral Marketing Post
  2. John SmeatonPost

These are really about surfing the wave of hot topics as a way to drive traffic to the site.

One great way of getting onto Buzz is through Yahoo! Buzz

Every day this free little blog gives me insight into hot topics and related searches. OK so knowing that people are searching often for a pop stars boyfriend may not be of use today. However for my clients in the Sports industry its a great way to get new traffic to a site. I’ve found terms and insights into user behaviour to discover new terms I didnt even think of. Generally by the time the traffic from the hot topic has deserted the search engines your keyword tool will be late in reporting it.

So get ready to surf the wave of hot topics as they happen all with a little side project from Yahoo!


1 Response to "Yahoo! – Its all the Buzz"

Yahoo Buzz is quite good, like Google Zeitgeist used to be but with more frequent updates. You can also get a feed of hot terms from Alexa, but if it’s as skewed as their traffic figures then it’s probably a bit untrustworthy.

I got quite excited when I heard about Google Current on Current TV, but it turns out that most of the terms are pretty obvious – celebrity sex tapes have high search volumes, wow, next you’ll tell me a lot of people look for poker. Also, the welsh chick that presents it reminds me of a Torchwood cast member, thus rendering the program unwatchable.

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