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Internet Marketing Companies in Scotland – Monthly Awards

Posted on: July 11, 2007

Ok so I am a bit parochial. I live in Scotland, work in Scotland and Love Scotland. Well maybe not when our cricket team get battered once again but hey you cant have it all. For this reason I’ve been having a wee look at devising a monthly awards system to determine greatness in the Scottish Internet Marketing community.

So here are the Rules:

  1. We analyse Web Results (No MSN or Yahoo! as it would waste my time and no one looks there much in the UK anyway) and we will analyse the first 15 results to give maximum exposure to the movers and shakers for the month.
  2. We analyse the following search terms (chosen using the Overture Keyword Tool)
    1. SEO Scotland
    2. Search Engine Optimisation Scotland
    3. Search Engine Optimization Scotland
    4. Search Engine Marketing Scotland
    5. Internet Marketing Scotland
    6. Search Engine Promotion Scotland (purely for some semantic weight)
  3. The biggest movers (upwards and downwards – only included from the second month of the awards)
  4. Award for our favourite SEO site for the month (The JustMarketing Site of the month)
  5. Award for our favourite Scottish Internet Marketing, and related, blog of the Month
  6. Award for our favourite Blog post of the Month.
  7. Award for our favourite example of spam (all links to this will be embedded in Javascript so you get no benefit from it 😉 )

If you have any ideas for additional words to use for our test, additional awards or want to enter yourself for blog or post of the month just use the comments below.

Oh and awards start for the month of August – so get going!


4 Responses to "Internet Marketing Companies in Scotland – Monthly Awards"

Glad to see you are using some marketing terms. There is a similar ranking system being maintained over at but they only track seo terms.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the first results

NP. Am sure you’ll feature in it somewhere under some guise – you always seem to be there or there abouts whenever I check the rankings

Number 4 and 6 are the same keyword phrase – sorry for being pedantic – its a bad habit of mine 🙂

Damn. Never even saw that DoH. Cheers for the heads up and kinimising my look of stupidity

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