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Ten Ways to ensure that SEO is a great Investment?

Posted on: July 9, 2007

Search Engine Optimization

Is your SEO a Business Cost or a Real Investment?

One thing about SEO is that the market is filled with cowboys. I mean bare faced liars who want nothing more than to seperate you from your money. Sometimes seperating you from your cash can be easier than you may think.

SEO is a long term investment. By its very nature it generally is but not always. Content writing, link development, link maturing and fixing of technical problems all take time. But every month you should see something happening – even if its only physical work being delivered. Due to the level of complaints about SEO I hear I’ve made a list of things to help you make the right decision when choosing your SEO comapny.

  1. Get testimonials. Easy job. On every good SEO company website you should find a portfolio. Check out the companies listed on it and try to speak to someone there about there experiences with the company.
  2. Check the proposal fully. Not everything your site needs done may be ‘in scope‘. This really irks me when I read an SEO proposal that says the ‘web devlopment is out of scope‘!!! If your web content cannot be easily found and indexed within your website you start off at a disadvantage. Make sure everything that needs done is ‘in scope
  3. Ask for a copy of staff CVs. Every big company within their request for proposal will outline the staff working on the contract and their competencies and experience. Get a copy and read it through – ask questions and make sure they’ve told you the truth.
  4. Develop a full written brief. Every company makes mistakes. Everyone’s only human. Minimise the chance of mistakes happening by drafting a full written request for proposal. Put in every piece of information you think they will need and some you think they don’t. Then check your brief against the proposals. A company who answer your questions with thought out answers want to work with you. Those taht send you two sheets of A4 that say gimme 12 grand and I’ll do it all for you.
  5. Get a work plan. When you get a company starting work ask them for a schedule and hold them to it. Within your RFP put financial clauses for late delivery of work.
  6. Take nothing for granted. Check everything fully. When you get your monthly link update – that you asked for in your RFP. Check the new links that have been built and where they are. Ensure that all content from the workplan for the month has been receieved and is live.
  7. Cheapest isn’t best. Cheap contracts are likely to be guff – and most expensive may not be any better. You should find that any SEO work is likely to be charged on an hourly/daily basis. We charge absed around what tyime we think we’re going to spend on your job after all. Check this against your work plan to ensure that no inaccuracies exist between ‘scheduled’ days work and ‘paid’ days work. Dont try and get huge discounts. In SEO the price is the price companies can often create a payment system, some even base it on performance, but dont ask for 10% off and expect to get the same results listed in your proposal.
  8. Need a Quick Fix – get PPC. SEO is unlikely to make you money fast. If you need sales and you need sales fast SEO is not going to be for you. Go get a PPC campaign going. Then when you can spend time iunvesting in SEO give them your PPC results so they can refine your campaign.
  9. Be Honest. If you’ve been spamming, bnuilding millions of rubbish links, buying links, building doorway pages etc. Please, please, please let us know. If we waste time trying to work out why something isn’t going to plan, especially at early stages often checking for your spam mistakes in the past will waste our time – your budget. Your SEO company is likely to base projections on likely times the less you let your SEO company know the more mistakes they are likely to make.
  10. Say Thank You. I’ve worked with a lot of clients, a hell of a lot of clients. And the biggest thing that leads me not to renew contracts with clients is the lack of thanks. One guy made and extra £250K from a 14K SEO contract where I used to work. He paid late, was irritable on the phone, impolite and abusive. I dont need his money that much – so we ditched him. I dont care how much money you’re paying civillity and saying please and thank you will always get you better results as your SEO team will work harder for you and will go that extra mile when you need an ‘ad hoc’ report for that special marketing meeting you forgot about. So please be nice to us SEO folk and we’ll be nice to you.

Thats all for today. See you tomorrow with Kerrys thing that I aint read yet but promise to do over lunch and post first thing tomorrow – her spelling is better than mine you’ll be glad to know.


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