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Viral Marketing – John Smeaton

Posted on: July 2, 2007

Sometimes you’ve gotta love the web.

On Friday I got pissed in Glasgow. On Saturday I picked my car up and on the way home heard about the heroics of one man at Glasgow Airport – John Smeaton.

Little did I know that my viral marketing brain was running low on power. If I had I would have bought Unfortunately someone has made it already!

They’ve got links from god knows where, including here, they’re on the BBC website – a site where most people seek out links as if it was DMOZ four years ago.

Well done to John and If I ever meet ‘BAA’s answer to Jack Bauer’ I’ll buy him a pint.

So viral marketing to get links, good curve if you can find it, even better if you can find a hot topic and get it all up and running asap.

John Smeaton Update

Following on from the John Smetaon affect I got some people to do some testing. They had a look at what you would get from a link from the johnsmeaton.comwebsite. One guy got over 1,500 hits to his website from it in under two days! He normally gets thirty to the site.

Google analytics image coming soon…


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