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New Google Analytics Interface

Posted on: May 9, 2007

Today has seen the launch of the new Google Analytics interface. I’ve just been chatting with some of my mates at Equator and Dog Digital about the change and here are a couple of our thoughts so far:

  1. New interface is nice – pretty much the same as the previous one and simple to use
    1. web metaphors in menus are good – small arrow head indicates that the menu can expand further for example
    2. Links to Export and Email are simple to find placed just above the main report windows
    3. Did take some of us a minute or two to work out how to change the date range – is now at the top right hand corner of main window rather than the bottom of the left menu. But now seems the obvious place to put it
  2. Ability to email reports looks good – you can now send yourself weekly, monthly reports made up of different reports from within Google Analytics. Woo hoo less manual reporting
  3. Already a clients been on the phone in complete amazement at the changes trying to work out where things are.
  4. Response times between clicking an option and the page being delivered have improved significantly – no more waiting about for pages to refresh – apparently for the geeks its now being done through AJAX – cheers Rich for that piece of Geekery
  5. In the keyword report you can now select between paid and non-paid search engine traffic – a big thumbs up from all of us fed up filtering by organic in the previous version
    1. All the data now changes to reflect changes in request against average so you can now see quickly
      1. Page Views for each channel against the average for the site – no more arguing with PPC monkeys about which is best. This now clearly shows that SEO gets better page views
  6. Adwords report now allows you to see:
    1. which positions delivered which click through by position dead simple to see where to bid – go top side column if your on a low budget and save click costs and get good quality click through
    2. You can change the value to not only be clicks but cash – how much do you make by position. Fantastic – we can now alter campaign by the revenue that they generate.

Will post more over today when I get the chance to dig it more fully.


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