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The Death Rattle of Online PR

Posted on: May 4, 2007

For a while I’ve been using online PR as a way of creating good quality backlinks to websites. Whether it be through Press Releases or Article Syndication. I love these mediums. They allow companies to create a dialogue with their online communities at a reasonably low cost. They enhance backlinks and if you do them correctly can drive traffic – and from this you can also measure a lot of factors to maximise future pieces within the campaign. Unfortunately over the last year the benefits of this marketing function have been decreasing.

Online PR Analysis

I love to analyse what has been going on with anything I do. Everything I do has a reporting function. And I need to know how I am going to monitor it before I try, test or do anything. This is what helps me to ensure that I get the best results for clients cost effectively – it also shows me where I’ve gone wrong.

In recent months Online PR results have been declining. I’ve had a look around to find if there were ways to change what was happening. But the sources appear to be getting weaker, the syndication is growing less powerful, the links appear to be of lower value and the click throughs have dropped.

What I did find was that certain places were still delivering the same value as they always had. It appears that less is more in this case. Spend less, target more and get benefits to your site seems to be what is happening.

News Search Engines

What I have found is that articles that are picked up by the news search engines are delivering high levels of traffic when they react effectively to the PR I have put out on the web. Google News was showing big. A side effect of this has been that the citations I have found in the BBC website from articles I’ve sent out are getting bigger. Natural link would be that BBC news writers are using Google News as source of news and then reproducing this for their own news archive. However I think this link is too simple. Where I think more likely the news is coming from is from the RSS feeds that we put out alongside the news. I havent been able to pinpoint which RSS aggregators are delivering the results but if Google news and the BBC.

Will let you all know when I work out which RSS aggregators are delivering the best results for online PR.


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