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Internet Marketing professionals seem to fall into two main types: those who share and those who don’t. I like people who share. the internet is all about communication but many companies/professionals in online marketing will hold there cards close to their chests and divulge little information about what is going on.

Take this week for instance I gained a client and one client went to another agency. Its always the way.

The client we list went to an agency in London – apparently they wanted someone closer to their business rather than them travelling all the way to Scotland – fair enough.

So the new company asks that we supply info relating to what we have done etc. So they recieve a sheet documenting all the links we’ve developed. Logins to the a/c we made at Google for analytics and sitemaps. Lists of all the pages of the site with keyword targets, and a list of all the things we tried that were working and those that didn’t and the things that we felt were holding the site back – such as their consumer tracking package attaching id’s onto all links and killing the site with duplicate content.

When we speak to our new clients old agency and ask for data they say they can’t give us this information as it is proprietary information. What you built some links, built some content, fixed some technology and developed a keyword pool. They wont even tell us the keywords that they’ve been using.

Duly we ask the client for this information. they dont have it!!!

How can a client be given no information on the keywords they’re using for the campaign. This gives no way to track the success of their internet marketing campaign. So we try and get into their analytics package – its been turned off and no one knows why!

The majority of companies in the UK are very good marketing companies. Each have good and bad points, ourselves included:

Companies with larger staff levels can turn things around quicker
Some companies have dedicated account management
Come companies will adapt reporting to your needs some will send you standard reports
Some reports will have a commentary on what they did, what worked, what didn’t and some will send you positions
Some will tell you a out the income you made and analyse how to make your site work harder rather than simply drive traffic

At the end of the day it will come down to you ensuring that your contract specifies the service level you should expect.

Make sure you get everything you need, within reason, and that information can be disclosed should you wish to move your marketing for whatever reason.


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