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SEM Training – Keyword Selection (Part II)

Posted on: March 5, 2007

Keyword Selection and Its importance for SEO

SEO is a long term process, normally, so to see results you need to invest a lot more effort and labour than you do for PPC. For this central reason effective keyword research ensures that your efforts are not misplaced. Over and over I hear of companies who invested time in researching term A , which is :

  • Unachieveable
  • Is of little business value
  • Delivers traffic but traffic that doesn’t convert
  • Has cost so much that it makes the CPA not cost effective

Why you need Keyword Research if you employ a Search Engine Optimisation company

  • Your SEO comapny in affect holds your business development in their hands. You need to know the investment you are making is likely to make you a return on your investment
  • You can ensure your SEO provider is not a cowboy – no qualification is needed to be a SEO ‘expert‘ anyone can do it
  • You need to ensure that your business objectives are inline with the program and if you can aid your SEO comapny in this stage they can more fully carry out your business needs

Why you need Keyword Research if you do your own Search Engine Optimisation

  • Ensure that you are placing effort into the correct market terms
  • Speed up your own SEO and get better results quicker
  • Be able to monitor and track the performance of your campaign effectively and make business level decisions on which specific niches are best for your business

Tomorrow – What search terms you think are appropriate to your business?


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