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Links, Links and more Links (Part 2)

Posted on: March 1, 2007

Knowing that submission isn’t the best way forward for your site is the first step on the journey. The next step is to start developing natural links into your website from sites that talk about your area of expertise. Getting your peer group online to say that you are important is far more useful than getting links from unrelated sources. So how do you get these links?

Stages to building links

  • Write good linkable copy?
    • If you want someone to link to you give them a reason. Write an article on a niche, develop a tool for them to use, develop a free hand out that will be of use to your community
    • Also you need to make you URLs as simple to input into a website as possible – make sure your query strings do not go on for ever and make the urls useful by including a semantic URL string
    • Say something useful – don’t just rehash what has gone before. Build on themes rather than contantly retread the same worn paths.
    • If possible include an RSS feed so that site owners can use the information more easily
    • If possible allow them to digg it etc online to help you get more visitors
  • Allow the content to be syndicated and make it known that others can use the content for example use a creative commons license.

Dont go looking for links let the links come to you and you get a nice, natural effective and beneficial link profile which in the long term will bring far more targetted visitors to your website.


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