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Hello World – Links, Links and more Links

Posted on: February 28, 2007

In every computing class ever the first thing they teach you to do is to make your website say ‘Hello World’. On the web saying Hello World has never been more difficult. When the net began being found was easy, as the competition was far lower, now with increasing competition getting a new website to say ‘Hello World’ to the online community is getting harder and harder.

For a search engine to find you and actively keep indexing your site, and thereby get you into the search engine ranking pages (SERPs), you need to get links. Links from other sites tell search engines that they should pay attention to your web page(s). Its like a friend sending you a message that you have to visit site X for reason Y.

Conversation – “You must visit Google because its a great search engine”;

Web Page – “great search engine

If a lot of your friends tell you that Google is a great search engine then even if you haven’t visited it you’ll have an expectation that Google is a great search engine. So the text in your link is important if you sell holidays, provide information on web accelerators or just want people to find your paintings and comment on your artistic style. The link texts which you introduce your site to search engines and web users is critical to achieving good traffic from search engines and websites.

You can submit your site to search engines but thats a bit lazy and only a short term fix. Get good natural links and you will have better spidering and better rankings.


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