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just to let everyone know I’ve moved this blog to a new location – it can be found at the mercurythread blog (where I’ve been posting most of my thoughts in recent times. Duly this blog will no longer be updated.

Look forward to hearing from those who read this blog in the next wee while.


I think I must be having a bad day today – my toolbar PageRank keeps vanishing! Had minor coronary already this morning thinking that someones site had vanished. 

Have I been cursed or is anyone else getting the same problems?

I thought I should start posting here again as my other website is having a makeover. So in terms of todays post I’m just gonna stick in some links and blab a bit about why I like these sites.

  • WP Themes Free – Ronseal website (it does what it says on the tin) and gives you loads of free WordPress Theme which is lovely. My first attempt at a theme can be found here. I keep thinking about building one of these but can never find a wordpress theme that’ll give me the flexibility to do it in an elegant way.
  • Our Cool stuff – a  link developer I know has launched hiw own directory (is about a week old) – get in quick and get your links close to the home page for more Pagerank.
  • Elegant Resorts – Nice looking website built by the guys @ Equator.

Have fun this weekend.

As per last post we are now on the move we can be found at

We thought it was about time we got our finger out – this exporting of one version to a new location has not been the simplest of changes – I keep getting FTP upload errors due to the sizes of files – looks like I may talk too much 🙂 As such am going to leave the corpus of work here rather than break something later. Would have preferred to 301 the whole domain over but not gonna be possible.


As you’ve probably noticed this blog is hosted on and I’ve just completed a difficult decision – to stay here or get my own domain. Truth is that I cant do half the things I want to do with my blog hosted here – no social media, no ability to change files, htaccess and htpassword are out. Further to this I can’t do any of the marketing stuff that I’m looking to do and cant give any of my readers the experience that I feel they deserve so as of early next week this blog will be moving to a new domain 🙂

I’ll post on Sunday just to let every one know where we’ve taken the blog – I’ll be exporting all of our data this weekend – with comments so assuming alls good next week we’ll be off and running.

So apologise to all concerned about the move but I feel that we have to move to grow -oh and my new template is a heck of a lot nicer.

See you with my new face on our new domain, when I work out what its going to be on Monday.

Right here I am going to Last FM to get my fix of music for the day – fancied listening to the darling buds if the truth be told, and I find a big bloody banner for “Mozilla Firefox the Ebay Edition”.

Christ its like the nineties here we’re all soon gonna be able to get ‘limited edition browsers’ rather than limited edition of 500 pink and green vinyl singles by Sonic Youth we’ll get limited edition 250 IE7 in blue for linux (code being tied to the machines). Or Limited Edition Ipods designed by Japanese Managa Artists that are hand painted. Or the greatest pod casts of Matt Cutts only on K-Tel – this item is not available in the shops.

Rant over

Through my RSS readings this morings I came across a number of places talking about the “Google Boogie” – yep I’s never heard of it before either. From what I’ve read it came from Oyster Web and was then blogged at Spiderwriting (Bill get your permalinks fixed).

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